The Toronto Entertainment District Residents Association (TEDRA) engages the residents of the district and works with various government and non-government stakeholders to advocate on behalf of the residents.

The Entertainment District is one of the most attractive and fastest growing residential communities in Canada. TEDRA’s main focus is to ensure development of livable, inclusive, engaged, and vibrant vertical communities.

Our current priorities include voter engagement, King Street Pilot Project, Downtown Development Plan, Rail Deck Park, and working closely with the Toronto Entertainment District BIA to attract desirable local businesses and startups and help them thrive in the district as we grow.

Please visit ISSUES OF INTEREST to find out more about TEDRA’s current projects and initiatives.

We give a voice to our residents.
— Robin Lobb

We engage local residents & businesses regarding concerns of area development, traffic congestion, government services, and circumstances that affect property values & quality of life.

  • Join TEDRA to voice your concerns regarding area developments

  • Meet new people & participate in fun event

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It’s great to see the overwhelming support we’ve received from all levels for our residents association. It feels great to bring the community together to share our concerns and to support our local businesses.

Our neighbourhood is rapidly changing due to an enormous amount of construction development…but at what cost? Can our infrastructure sustain this level of development? Our sidewalks are a mess, roads are blocked, traffic of all kinds is struggling and public transit is in the midst of a difficult transition. Our favourite restaurants & entertainment venues are being torn down along with the heritage buildings that they occupy.  

This is our home & our community and we need to stand together. Only as a strong unified voice can we protect the vitality of our neighbourhood and demand the services we require to carry out our daily lives.

I encourage every resident to add your voice to our community. Please take the time to email us with your contact details so that we may keep you informed of important community meetings & events.  There is no charge to join TEDRA, so please join us and let your voice be heard!


Robert Lunney

Condominium Outreach Coordinator

Robert Lunney is a retired police chief and consultant.  He has resided at Symphony Place, (71 Simcoe St.) since 1997. 

Mr. Lunney maintains an active interest in civic affairs and community development in the Entertainment District.



Brian Dunphy

Director of Business Development

Brian has over twenty years experience in the Entertainment District and is active in the hospitality and non-profit sector. 



Mike yen

TEDRA Founder

Seeing the need for a community voice in the Entertainment District, Mike Yen founded TEDRA with the support of concerned neigbours. Mike gave a lot of volunteer hours and worked very hard to keep our community informed. Mike has since moved on to other opportunities outside of Canada.

Thank you Mike Yen for your service to TEDRA.