As a residents association we are tracking one of the key issues affecting all of us. Section 37 generally refers to the donations developers make to councilors to compensate residents for the disruptions of construction work. The city describes it as the following, “… Section 37 authorizes a municipality with appropriate Official Plan provisions to pass zoning by-laws involving increases in the height or density otherwise permitted by the Zoning By-law, in return for the provision by the owner of community benefits. The community benefits must be set out in the zoning by-law. The community benefits may be secured in an agreement which may be registered on title."

The term “community benefits” reflects the City’s priority on providing public benefits within the local community in which the contributing development project is located. The increase in height and/or density is an incentive to the developer to provide community benefits at no cost to the City. “



TEDRA’s Statement Regarding New Condo Development:

The residents of the Entertainment District have serious concerns regarding any new condo development in the Entertainment District.
We point to factors such as:

– Lack of infrastructure to service increased population (fire, hospital, police, TTC, hydro facilities).
– The elimination of popular cultural & tourist destinations, and local community-based businesses, including restaurants & retailers.
– Intense noise, lane closures, traffic congestion, dust, and other environmental factors due to several simultaneous condo construction projects.
– No clear plan for development of the area as a whole.
– The Bank of Canada’s December 2012 warning of adverse effects on the housing market & overall economy due to condo overdevelopment.

Until these concerns are addressed, the residents of the Entertainment District may not support new condo developments until a full infrastructure assessment is taken and a comprehensive city development plan is proposed to the residences of the affected areas.


TEDRA’s Boundaries - TEDRA is the area east of Spadina as shown below.

The two images below (West of Spadina & East of Spadina) detail all developments that have either already been approved or are currently pending approval.  

Please click both images seperately to view in full detail.


West of Spadina


East of Spadina